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J.H. Park

Park, Junho (박준호)

KAIST, Department of Physics (2019~)
B.S.: KAIST, Physics, 2019
Research area : Transient-absorption spectroscopy
                       & Optical pump-THz probe spectroscopy  
E-mail : wnsgh31002[at] 


  1. T. G. Park, B. K. Choi, J. Park, J. Kim, Y. J. Chang, F. Rotermund, "Interlayer coupling and ultrafast hot electron transfer dynamics in metallic VSe2/graphene van der Waals heterostructures", ACS Nano 15, 7756 (2021).


Domestic Conferences
  1.  J. Park, T. G. Park, W. T. Kim, S. S. Shin, F. Rotermund, "Development of transient absorption spectroscopy system and its application", 한국광학회 2020년도 하계학술발표회 (2020).